the omeo

The Omeo by Omeo Technology in N.Z.

The Omeo is manufactured by Omeo Technology Ltd in New Zealand.  

The Omeo is a fun way to cover ground quickly, with ease and without fatigue.  Inside or out, in the city, on a work site, at events, the beach or on outdoor trails, it’s a welcome tool for everyone.  Riding an Omeo is fun and intuitive.  The Omeo can travel on a variety of terrain and lets you enjoy the open air and experience your surroundings.  It is the only personal mobility device to offer an Active Seat Control system.   Omeo Technology Ltd fully integrates the Active Seat Control system with the best of self-balancing technology.  It is not an add on kit.   The Active Seat Control system moves with your body, making it intuitive to use, allowing more freedom of movement and maximum independence.

Some other unique features of the NEW OMEO:

  • With the Off-Road kit the Omeo can tackle rough and unstable surfaces. It’s gentle on flora such as lawns and golf courses.
  • Three steering options – seat steer, joystick or handle grip
  • Joystick and other controls can be positioned on the left or right side of the body
  • Automatic self-levelling stablilizing feet
  • Tough, easy clean, impact resistant polyethylene body
  • No bulky, dangerous central steering column
  • Adjustable seat height and positioning
  • USB charging port for phones
  • Multi functional holders for accessories
  • Built in lights for night use

Photo of green Omeo with the Off-Road tyres.