Who we are:

We’d like to introduce ourselves. We are Trevor and Karen Kearney. We are the husband-and-wife team behind Wheel Adventures Ltd.  We have been part of the Omeo Team since 2018.  We are passionate about the people we meet and the changes we can make in their lives.

We wholeheartedly agree with Jocelyn Dahm’s observation about the Omeo:

 “It doesn’t just have the physical element that helps people, it also has the social, emotional element.  It makes you feel included.”

And after delivering and training numerous Omeo Riders across the North Island, we have seen them flourish emotionally and socially.  By using the Omeo as a mobility tool, they have discovered the hidden benefits. 

Our Omeo Riders:

Our Omeo Riders are a group of determined adventurers all looking for more independance and freedom.  They have a wide range of abilities.  Because of this, it is important to us to ensure they are safe and well trained.  We are dedicated to helping them get out and enjoy life with their families and friends and enjoy what others take for granted.  

Here is some feedback about us, from a couple of our Riders:

“I really appreciate the time you took to train me.  Lots of people don’t actually enjoy what they do and they spend their whole 9am-5pm just existing.  You enjoy what you do and it shows.  I imagine it is quite a buzz giving people back some of the freedom they have had robbed from them.” Terry Morris

  “It was a day to remember, not only for the delivery of my Omeo but also for the training and time you and Trevor gave me.  I’m very grateful for that. Thank you Karen and thank you Trevor.  You guys are the best. I LOVE IT.”  Shane Reneti

Omeo Deliveries are always exciting! Watching a new Omeo Rider picking up and testing new skills, along with enjoying their new found freedom, is magic!  Thanks guys!

Omeo Riders training with Wheel Adventures Team